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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Watching Mom Fuck

What a monster, I thought and what feat as I watched his mom swallowing the sword. As I turn back towards Lee, I saw him wanking and having an erection myself, I neared him and watched him ejeculate and when he's at thepeep hole, and having watched him, I wanked myself bringing myself to orgasms. Thatnight, I did get the chance to see how the woman was pounded to satisfaction very clearlyas his parents room was brightly lit by two table lamps. When the show was over, wesilently sat opposite each other and masturbated, me to the imagination of his mom'slove hole and her facial reactions when the monster penetrared her.The whole scene was very clear in my mind and I was wondering if I would someday be able to watched my own mom being fucked to see her reactions.I don't really knowwhy I desired the thoughts but I do know that I have had enough of watching Lee's parentsat sex (though it was that one time), but I just got to see my mom got pounded.As I walked home the next morning, I began thinking about making a peep hole when Ihave the chance so that I will have a show every night in my own room.Upon reaching home mom greeted me and asked if I've had breakfast and that she'll fixsome when I want.

We don't have a bad relationship and in fact mom loves me alot as I am her only son and so I began to think as to why I'd loved to see mom screwed. I was blankand so put off the thoughts for another time. As it was Sunday, I helped mom around thehouse like cleaning and putting the garbage out. Chatted with her and paying attention toher anatomy as compared to Lee's mom. My mom's a dwarf in comparison I concluded.My mom is only 5' 2" on the plump side; breasts much smaller though proportionate toher body; her bum is rounded and I think is her best assets; her face-I think she has aninnocent look and sweet looking. In conclusion, her body and look I can't say she has a"fuck me look".

She's very ordinary and won't be able to attract men if wanted the extra marital sex affairs. Then it dawned on me that was why I wanted my mom pounded bya real man. I want her to enjoy the sex life as Lee's mom and I don't see dad giving her thefuck she deserved. Dad was in fact always busy even on Sundays as he 's away doingcommunity work. What the hell for? He might as well be at home fucking mom on his offdays. Anyway I don't see dad is up to that as he 's a frail looking guy-not like Lee's, who isbig and burly. There aren't muscles or veins sticking out like Lee's dad which I noticedthere's even veins sticking out on his penis shaft. When my daydream ended, I told mom that I wanted to go to my room but I somehow said, "Mom, I hope you are happy andsatisfied (in my mind-sexually satisfied) in all that you do. Mom was taken aback with that.She paused and said, "Yes! Sometimes though not alot of times." I smiled not knowingher thoughts and told her that I joined her later on.

Dad couldn't have fulfill her sexuallysometimes or what she meant was she had someone satisfying her sexual needssome times when no one's around. This thoughts in my mind as I walked to my room.My room was similar to that of Lee's in that it has wooden partitions. Now if only I can finda crack at the joints or a hole somewhere. There wasn't any and I was wondering if should bore one for my peep hole. I thought it unwise and so began looking elsewhere. I founda suitable post in the wash room but I do need a ladder to peep into my parents room.I went downstairs and grabbed a 4' ladder telling my mom I need to fix something in myroom. I pretended to be busy but later left the ladder in the washroom.Dad came home at 7pm and we had dinner together and after dinner we sat at the living room to watch t.v. and I saw mom reaching for dad's hand trying to be loving wife and dad responded gripping mom's hands and shoulders. Seldom was dad so warm and I thought that mom would probably get a fuck tonight.

So I excused myself to go to bed.In my room, I positioned the ladder in the washroom looking down my parents bed.Switching off the bedroom light, I laid myself on the bed waiting for them to retire.About 10 minutes later I heard the opening of the door in parents room. I waited andthere was light in my parents room and then there was another sound of door openingand that must have been the washroom door in my parents bedroom. Then I heardthe pissing sound and I know it must be mom easing herself as she always does.There was watering sound and then there was clicking sound that the lights was turned off.I tip toed to where the ladder was and looked inside.

There was no moon that night andthe room was dark. All I could see was silhouttes as I waited. About some time, my eyeswas conditioned to the darkness and I was able to see someone standing by the bed toundress and from the way I saw it, must have been my mom undressing cause I can see the shape of her breasts. Then I saw her bending down to pull down lower half of dad'spyjamas but I could not see the size of his penis. That's how dark it was that night.Mom then slept next to him legs slightly spread and dad climbed on her and hugged her.There were some movement cause I could hear a tiny squeaking from the bed.Within a few minutes, dad was spent as he made a sigh and fall over to his side ofthe bed. Mom turned to the other side not facing him. Then dad rose to collect his pyjamasat the floor and headed towards the washroom. When he came out, it was mom's turn togo but she took longer time then dad in the washroom. As my washroom was just next tothem, I could hear her making groaning sounds like Lee's mom when she was pounded,and I do remember not hearing mom when dad was fucking her.

I bet mom did not enjoythe fuck and was masturbating to relieve herself while dad snore the night away.The next day I met Lee at school and he asked if I watched my parent fucked last night.I told him of the ladder in the washroom but I could not see the action as my parents did itin the dark. He asked if my dad was ok in bed and I told him that mom was groaning and moaning louder than his mom. (what a lie)." So you couldn't see how bushy your mom ison her pussy eh," he asked."No as it was too dark," I said.

I was at my peeping post almost every night for a month and I found that they weren't doing sex very often but I did get to see mom's bushy pussy when the moon wasshining into their bedroom and dad's cock was fairly big. Dad is only lacking in sexualperformance or the art of fucking. He is too conservative and does the missionary sexposition unlike Lee's parents whom had shown a complete sex show at just one session.In time, I did manage to bore a hole (not conspicuous) between our washrooms andclearly saw mom's bush which I believe to be well groomed as compared to Lee's mom's.She usually masturbated after the unfulfilling sex with dad inserting the plastic handleof the toilet brush into her cunt and I do believe she selected carefully when she boughtthe toilet bowl brush. It somehow shaped like a cock head at the tip just like Lee's dad'sshaft size and the thought of Lee's dad pounding mom's pussy came to mind. I would behappy to watch a live big meat pounding and satisfying mom pussy-maybe if it's Lee's dad.How would I go about getting Lee's dad to fuck my mom, I wonder.

As years went by, the marriage didn't get on well and dad eventually left us. I was left to console mom then and she somehow did well to overcome the whole thing.Lee's family was very consoling and they became very close to us. When Lee and I turned 18, we parted ways-Lee went to another state for higher studies and I stayed for mom'ssake.Lee's parents visited us regularly since he wasn't around and I was like a son to them.Mom by then had a suitor and sometimes he called her on the phone. She always said"I miss you," to the guy before hanging up. I did asked who the lucky was and ifmarriage was on her mind. Mom said it was someone I don't know and that this old flameis happily married and she's not going to be the cause of a breakup.I suspected mom's secret lover visited her while i'm at school and so decide to find outwhat's he's like in bed with her.One morning, as usual I kissed mom goodbye and off to school.

A mile down the road was a cafe' where school truants congregated and I decided that day I'd be catching momand her lover. So I ordered a drink to while my time away. About an hour later, I took a busback home stopping a distance from my house. Not wanting to disturb her I went by thebackdoor where I could open the latch silently and walked to my room. Very silently I set up the ladder and look into her room. She had her back to me straddling on top of a giant(as mom limbs looked so small as compared) pumping his huge cock into her cunt.Mom was in a squatting position humping up and down. Mom was moaning and groaningin ecstasy. Never did I heard her so loud. The aargh...aargh..Ooh.ooh was all I heard from mom but I could not see who the man she's humping and as I was enjoying thescene, I climbed down from the ladder to give myself a good wank. The thought and sound from mom's bedroom make me come in seconds.

Climbing up the ladder I sawmom climbing off the man and he is Lee's dad. I controlled my breathing as I watchedhe lifted mom's to the edge of the bed, her bum rested on a pillow her legs spread wideheld apart with his hands and mom guided his monster tool into her small vaginawrithing in pain as he pushed it deeper. Mom's face looked like she was in pain and her moaning grew louder. She even could talked to him. "Fill me up Joe and don't stopJoe," was heard from mom. She never uttered a word when dad was fucking her but nowwith Lee's dad, she's enjoying what she'd missed and Joe kept pounding her cunt.Joe then turned her over her bum facing his penis as he inserted his huge shaft into mom'spussy fucking her like a bitch.Just after a few thrusts into her cunt, mom began moaning louder and louder non stop. I had to descend from the ladder to give myself a good wank one more time.

When I came the sound slowly subsided and when I climbed up to check, she was in his arms so tiny like a baby.As of that day, I knew when to come home for the show and I did tell mom that it was a good thing that dad decided to leave her and that she was happier than before.I later came to find out that Joe was screwing her even when dad was still around and that happened occasionally when I was at school. Don't ask me how I find that out............its another story


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